Solutions For Water Treatment & Distribution Systems

Ixom Watercare has a long, successful history helping to improve water quality from the clearwell throughout your distribution. We also have one of the strongest warranty & performance guarantees in the industry and firmly believe in providing top-notch Customer Support every step of the way.

MIEX Magnetic Ion Exchange Treatment

Clearwell & Distribution Tank Mixing

Trihalomethane (THM) Removal Systems

Automated Disinfectant Residual Control




Project Evaluation

We evaluate each system according to its particular needs to tailor the best, most effective and affordable solution for the Customer. Our equipment can be scaled up to tackle even the largest of tanks and reservoirs. 30MG 80MG. 100+MG!

Learn more about starting a project evaluation using the following links.


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  our Distribution Tank Mixing Evaluation!


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  our THM / VOC Removal Evaluation!


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  our ResidualHQ® Disinfectant Control Evaluation!




Does your system use a surface water reservoir for raw water?

Ixom also has lake & source water reservoir solutions to help fight cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) and improve water quality (and uniformity) coming into the treatment plant.

Learn more about lake & reservoir circulation.



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