Ice Prevention In Potable Water Storage Tanks

Active Tank Mixing Prevents Damaging Ice Buildup

call to action button for video on pageIce in distribution-system storage tanks is an ever-present wintertime challenge faced by water utilities in cold climates.  Ice can form a thick surface cap during prolonged periods of subfreezing weather. This alone can cause structural damage and water leakage but normal tank inflow & outflow can also create vertical movement of huge ice chunks increasing damage potential.


The answer?


GridBee® SolarBee® mixers fight back excessive ice formation utilizing complete floor to surface tank mixing.

The water entering your tank contains critical BTUs (heat) needed in the battle against excessive ice formation.  Thoroughly & constantly mixing the "heat" in your tank works to "wash away" existing ice and helps minimize ice accumulations.

There are cases in low use, low turnover storage tanks when sufficient incoming BTUs are not available to adequately keep ice in check. Please contact us to discuss your particular situation. 


Less ice saves your tank...

and you time & money.




Ixom Watercare active mixing technologies can prevent excessive ice formation, give you peace of mind and better treatment too!



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