Everything is working great!
We have 11 SolarBee units installed in three ponds since 2007.
We have not had any BOD or TSS violations since the units were installed.
We have seen amazing results in operation, process, and energy savings.
Our state no longer requires water samples on the weekends like we had to do before installation of the SolarBees.
Our constant discharge effluent into a stream is the cleanest it has ever been.
The SolarBees are great. We saw a $15,000 decrease in our electric costs in January with the SolarBees operating!

Solutions for Industrial Water Applications

Industrial water quality improvement opportunities...

"Running a large municipal/industrial treatment plant was getting expensive." Industrial Water Plant Operator driving a boatIn wastewater treatment, the aeration system is often the largest energy consumer. It seems the age-old answer for every problem was to increase horsepower and add more aeration. When you analyze aeration, only 20% to 50% of the energy consumed is needed for production of dissolved oxygen (DO) for processing BOD and nitrifying bacteria. The remaining energy is used just for the mixing effect.

SolarBee® unit by a factoryWith SolarBee® / GridBee® equipment performing the mixing, the aeration system can be dialed back to just provide the needed dissolved oxygen (DO). In most energy saving projects our equipment has a one to three year payback. With electric rates near $0.10 per kwh, savings can approach $750,000 per mixer over 25 years.

Many types of industrial water reservoirs have been improved by our GridBee® and SolarBee® long-distance mixers. 

Industries include:

  • Power plants, coal fired and nuclear
  • Refineries
  • Chemical manufacturing plants
  • Paper plants
  • Food manufacturing plants; juice, vegetables, wine, beer, milk, cheese, beef, and other plants
  • Rendering plants 
  • Solid waste leachate ponds
  • Superfund clean up lakes
  • Mining ponds

Applications include:

  • Eliminate blue-green algae issues in cooling lakes, stormwater ponds and reuse ponds 
  • Control odors in sludge storage ponds
  • Distribute an oxidizer to provide an odor cap for anaerobic ponds
  • De-gas sulfides continuously to eliminate odor in large deep ponds
  • Distribute flocculation chemicals evenly in large reservoirs to settle heavy metals
  • Reduce aeration and mixing energy in aerated ponds and basins
  • Suspend solids better and reduce energy usage in complete mix ponds
  • Replace aeration and generators in storm water ponds
  • Improve mixing and reduce energy usage in complete mix ponds
  • Increase evaporation in large cooling ponds, ponds with organic film on the surface, and salt production ponds
  • Improve ammonia reduction in lagoon systems
  • Prevent arsenic problems in anoxic sediment of various lakes

SolarBee® unit in Industrial water
Tax benefits: A key advantage industrial users have in using solar-powered SolarBee® equipment is that about 50% of the project is paid for by tax savings, including a 30% investment tax credit and accelerated depreciation. In most cases this reduces the solar-powered SolarBee® equipment to about the same cost as GridBee® equipment.

SolarBee® SB Series Solar Mixers: SB Series mixers are designed to operate 24 hours per day on solar power, utilizing digital logic for power management, auto-reverse and anti-jam features. These mixers are most typically used where power is not available or when the ponds are large in size.

GridBee® GF Series Grid Mixers: GF Series mixers are the same machines as the SB mixers without the solar equipment; they are designed to operate 24 hours per day on 120v electric power. These mixers cost less and are typically used where power is readily available or when the ponds are smaller in size.

GridBee® AP Series Air Mixers:  AP Series mixers combine patented circulation technology with a clog-free air-powered pump. They have no moving parts in the water and no electricity in the water.

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