Water Sample Collection System, 2000 mL

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Water Sample Collection System, 2000 mL

Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMW), PVC, and stainless steel hardware. 

• Rope attachment point 
• Spring action opener 
• Handle 
• Seated plugs 
• Main body & lid (UHMW) 
• Isolated stainless steel weighted base 



Main Body Including Lid: 17.0” H, 4.5” Dia. 

Internal Sample Containment: 10.75” H, 4.0 Dia. 


Discreet Sample Deployment 

Insert seated plugs and lower to desired depth. To open the sampler, give the attachment rope a good tug to engage the spring action. The seated plugs will pop out and sampling will commence. 


Composite Sample Deployment 

From surface: Remove seated plugs and lower through water column. 

From given point in the water column: Deploy as if a discreet sample. Once at the desired starting depth, open sampler and then begin to lower through water column.



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