Solutions for Wastewater Collection & Treatment

Let's face it, wastewater is a tough, nearly thankless business.

A lot can go wrong and before you know it, you're in violation.
solving wastewater problems require strategy

Regulations ever increase, compliance becomes more difficult, and odors get the phone ringing.  Equipment breaks down.  Energy costs go higher & higher.  

It's a never ending struggle to keep everything working and processing like it should.


GridBee® and SolarBee® mixers take advantage of the way water forms thin horizontal layers in all reservoirs.  Utilizing power sources that best suit your needs (solar, grid, or air) and highly efficient motor / mixing drive systems, they pull in water at the desired depth from all corners of the basin and provide effective mixing to a predetermined depth.


Wastewater systems saving energy and money with Medora CorporationWe started in wastewater...

Ixom | Medora offers a complete range of equipment to fit virtually every wastewater basin or pond regardless of the application.  The flexibility to tailor the equipment specifically to your needs greatly reduces the number of machines required and the project initial cost.

No infrastructure requirements are needed beyond any basic wiring or the like (depending on equipment type).  All GridBee® / SolarBee® equipment is portable, transportable, and easily relocated to another location if ever desired.  Add in SCADA outputs and other options to further integrate into your system!

Factory delivery, placement, and start-up services are available.

Try Before You Buy!  Inquire about our pilot and rental programs.

We offer among the best parts and labor warranties in the industry from two (2) to twenty-five (25) years (depending on the machine model and component).  Our BeeKeeper Service Plans add another layer of convenience & protection unmatched in the business!

*There may be extensive tax benefits for private companies purchasing solar powered mixers which can greatly reduce the cost of the equipment!


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