Solutions for Lakes & Source Water Reservoirs

Ixom Watercare offers effective active lake circulation technologies designed to solve a variety of water quality problems in lakes and source water reservoirs. There are two kinds of circulation settings to consider.


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Epilimnetic Circulation

diagram showing how hypolimnetic withdrawal works with a SolarBee Lake CirculatorSet to circulate just the upper part of the water column from the surface to the thermocline or point of significant temperature stratification.

• Helps prevent and control cyanobacteria
(blue-green algae) blooms.

• Reduces taste and odor problems in drinking water reservoirs.

• Improves dissolved oxygen (DO) and pH levels throughout the circulation zone.

• Reduces invasive aquatic weeds & filamentous algae.


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Hypolimnetic Withdrawal

diagram showing how hypolimnetic withdrawal works with a SolarBee Lake CirculatorSet deep in the reservoir below the thermocline to continuously bring up and expose bottom waters to the oxygen-rich epilimnion and atmosphere.

• Oxidizes manganese (Mn) & iron (Fe).

• Helps to prevent fish kills.

• Continuously de-gasses H2S.

• Reduces methyl-mercury (Hg).


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Pay For The Project With Cost Savings

James A. Brown water production manager "We reduced WTP operating costs caused by algae blooms."In many cases, SolarBees have paid for themselves in the first year with carbon savings at the water treatment plant and/or chemical savings in the lake. Some of our Customers have reported savings over $500,000 per year in plant operating costs compared to before they installed SolarBee® equipment!

Read the Newton County story here!


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Equipment Types Available

image showing a SolarBee Lake CirculatorSolarBee® Lake Circulators operate 24/7 to improve the water quality completely off solar power. Each SolarBee can achieve flow rates up to 10,000 gallons per minute with an area of influence area up to 35 acres. SolarBees can also be configured to run strictly off the grid-power for smaller applications where electrical power is readily available near shore.

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image showing a AerationPlus Lake & Pond CirculatorAerationPlus© Lake & Pond Circulators are a submerged air-powered circulation solution. They are perfect for applications such as city park ponds, marinas, small stormwater ponds or near-shore areas of larger lakes and reservoirs.

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