SolarBee® SB Series Solar-Powered Mixers and Circulators

Water Quality Improvement Through Mixing & Circulation

SolarBee® mixers and circulators improve water quality in distribution tanks, lakes and wastewater

The SolarBee® is a floating reservoir mixer/circulator that can achieve targeted, high-volume and long distance circulation completely on solar-power. SolarBees are manufactured by Ixom Watercare at our Dickinson, North Dakota facility and incorporate many unique features.

The ability to accurately choose and adjust the water column circulation zone is critical for successful outcomes. The SolarBee® has patented intake features that can be set as needed to meet particular objectives in a wide range of applications including:


SolarBees are a scalable solution and can be configured to operate completely on solar (SB Series), completely on grid electricity (GF Series) or a combination of both!


Achieve your water quality goals with SolarBee®.


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SolarBee® Lake Circulator improving water quality in a raw water reservoir


SB10000C Floating Odor Cap Mixer
SB10000DM Dual Mix Floating Mixer
SB10000 Floating Mixer
SB10000PW Potable Tank Mixer
SolarBee® SB10000LH Lake Circulator
SolarBee® SB10000LS Lake Circulator
SB5000 Floating Mixer
SB5000PW Potable Tank Mixer
SB2500 Floating Mixer
SB2500PW Potable Tank Mixer
SB1250PWc Potable Tank Mixer
SB500PWc Potable Tank Mixer