SolarBee® SB Series Solar-Powered Mixers and Circulators

Water Quality Improvement Through Mixing & Circulation

SolarBee® mixers and circulators improve water quality in distribution tanks, lakes and wastewater

SolarBee® circulation & mixing equipment can help in a wide variety of applications including:


SolarBee® mixers take advantage of the way water forms thin horizontal layers in all reservoirs. Utilizing solar power and highly efficient motor / mixing drive systems, the SolarBee® pulls in water at the desired depth from all corners of the basin providing effective mixing to a predetermined depth.  SolarBees are designed to operate 24 hours per day utilizing digital logic for power management, auto-reverse, and anti-jam features.  They are a scalable solution for most applications where water quality improvement is desired.

SolarBee® mixers can also be configured to operate completely on solar (SB Series), completely on grid electricity (GF Series) or a combination of both!


Achieve your water quality goals with SolarBee®.


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SolarBee® Lake Circulator improving water quality in a raw water reservoir


SB10000C Floating Odor Cap Mixer
SB10000DM Dual Mix Floating Mixer
SB10000 Floating Mixer
SB10000PW Potable Tank Mixer
SolarBee® SB10000LH Lake Circulator
SolarBee® SB10000LS Lake Circulator
SB5000 Floating Mixer
SB5000PW Potable Tank Mixer
SB2500 Floating Mixer
SB2500PW Potable Tank Mixer
SB1250PWc Potable Tank Mixer
SB500PWc Potable Tank Mixer