ResidualHQ© Automated Disinfectant Control Systems

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Proven Strategies. Forward Thinking Solutions.

The ResidualHQ© is a continuous residual monitoring & disinfectant delivery platform for both chlorine or chloramine systems.  It combines proven strategies with forward thinking solutions to maximize performance, minimize moving parts, and simplify overall operation & maintenance.

    •No chemical transfer pumps.
    •No chemical metering pumps.

The ResidualHQ© is a flexible platform for fully manual to fully automatic operation (or anywhere inbetween!)  You can control your disinfectant residuals confidently anywhere in your system… in the pipe or in the tank... with intelligent, data driven decisions for better water quality.

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ResidualHQ© Educational White Board Videos

•ResidualHQ© General System Overview



•ResidualHQ© Very Quick Overview For Chloramine Systems



•On-Demand Webinar: ResidualHQ Automated Disinfectant Control System



Potable Water Storage Tank Applications


The ResidualHQ© combines industry-leading active mixing in the tank to provide dependable & representative sampling with constant system circulation for continuous real-time monitoring of the disinfectant residual.  This constant circulation combined with targeted use of soft water during boosting cycles keeps a majority of chemically contacted components flushed & clean.  The disinfectant residual sensors are reagentless and all system data are Logged, displayed, and SCADA accessible



The ResidualHQ© tracks and trends disinfectant residual trends over time and incorporates highly adjustable and configurable parameters such as:

  • action thresholds 
  • response types (chlorine vs. chloramine) 
  • feed concentrations
  • feed ratios
  • and more!

This gives you the ability to set your response how you want, when you want.

The ResidualHQ© also utilizes an industry-first Disinfectant Proportioning "Pre-Mix" Tank to safely prepare initial disinfectant, be it chlorine or chloramine, to desired strength parameters.  From there, the initial disinfectant is delivered directly into the inlet-side of a Medora Corporation active potable tank mixer where it is further mixed and diluted.  Finally, it is delivered and throughly mixed into the entirety of the tank volume.

The result?  A rapid, properly ratioed, well-mixed, and safe disinfectant delivery and distribution.



Once disinfectant distribution takes place, the next step is to verify the outcome with levels of redundancy to ensure a proper end result.  The ResidualHQ© “learns” based on previous experiences & results to maintain constant residual balance.  Once the desired outcome is achieved, the ResidualHQ© reverts back to Monitoring Status until the next response is needed. 


Simple & Easy Maintenance.

The ResidualHQ© can go up to 3 months between general maintenance checks and calibration.  When the time comes, it’s just a matter of 

  • A General System Inspection
  • Level checks for softener salt and disinfectant bulk tanks

Disinfectant monitor calibration only takes minutes and any maintenance can be done with everyday hand tools if ever needed.



The ResidualHQ© is engineered into a convenient and user-friendly work station that is safe, reliable, and easy to use.  It comes with tiered access security and can be controlled onsite or remote!

  • Sized to accomodate small tanks to large mega-reservoirs!
  • Mobile trailer or in-building installations are available!

How to start a project evaluation

Most ResidualHQ projects start with a pre-evaluation questionnaire to get as many details about your system and your treatment challenges as possible.  It's as simple as downloading the questionnaire (in excel format), filling out as much information as possible, and emailing to us (


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  the ResidualHQ Project Questionnaire (in Excel format)



Other types of useful information / materials to include if available:

  • Tank / System Drawings

  • System Distribution Maps

  • Disinfectant Residual Data

Or if you prefer, you can always contact us in advance to discuss your particular project further!



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