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Many of the solutions developed by Ixom Watercare equipment was because one of our Customers had a specific need or goal to be met.  Everything we do, we do with our Customers in mind.  We have been granted numerous patents with many, many more patents pending in over forty (40) countries on six (6) continents and continue to research & develop new technologies to help the world of water quality.


•GridBee® SN Series THM Removal Systems

an image drawing of a GridBee® SN Series THM Removal Spray SystemPerformance Guaranteed Or 100% Your Money Back!

GridBee® SN Series THM Removal Systems from Ixom | Medora are a trusted, proven, and guaranteed solution for trihalomethane removal in your water storage tanks or 100% your money back.  Stage 2 DBPR compliance is now simple, quick, and affordable—no additional infrastructure—no draining tanks—no disruption in service.  Industry leading GridBee® systems are energy efficient and completely scalable to fit your needs.  The GridBee® SN Series is a "best on the market" solution.  In-line THM removal options are also available.  Learn more about SN Series THM Removal Equipment!


•GridBee® GS Series Submersible Mixers

image drawing of a GridBee® GS Series Submersible Potable Tank MixerOur GridBee® GS Series Potable Tank Mixers have fast become an industry standard known for its great mixing and ease of Customer deployment.  It is by far the best mixing value available.  Learn more about GS Series Potable Tank Mixing Equipment!


•ResidualHQ© Disinfectant Control Systemsimage drawing of Medora Corporation's ResidualHQ© Disinfectant Control System.

For Chlorine & Chloramine Applications

Monitor. Respond. Verify. The ResidualHQ© is a total disinfectant residual management solution incorporating powerful tank mixing, residual monitoring, and disinfectant delivery into a convenient & user-friendly work station with Tiered Access Security. Set your response how you want, when you want, from wherever you want. Learn more about ResidualHQ© Disinfectant Control Systems!


•SolarBee® SB Series Solar Powered Mixers

an image drawing of a SolarBee® SB Series Solar Powered Mixer / CirculatorOur SolarBee® SB Series solar-powered circulators are our flagship equipment with applications across all facets of the water quality improvement industry.  These amazing circulators are a high flow, low energy solution from potable water tanks to freshwater lakes to stormwater & wastewater applications and are designed to operate 24 / 7 / 365 using only solar power!  Learn more about our SB Series Mixing Equipment!


•GridBee® GF Series Grid Powered Mixers

an image drawing of a GridBee® GF Series Grid Powered MixerThe GridBee® GF Series grid-powered circulators are a direct spin-off of our successful SolarBee line modified to use grid-power only.  They are an even more cost-effective solution especially for smaller ponds where grid-power is readily available onsite.  All the great SolarBee® mixing at a lower cost!  Learn more about our GF Series Mixing Equipment!


•AerationPlus© Lake & Pond Circulators

an image drawing of a GridBee® AP Series Air Powered MixerAerationPlus equipment creates beneficial circulation to help small lakes and ponds improve their overall water quality.  This is an affordable option for any shoreline shareholder and works perfectly for docks and marinas, swimming areas, stormwater retention basins, and park & golf course ponds.  Learn more about our AerationPlus Mixing Equipment!


•GridBee® AP500 Wet Well Mixers

image drawing of Medora Corporation's AP500 Wet Well MixerFight Wipes. Stop Clogs.

Designed specifically for effective wet well mixing, the GridBee® AP500 helps keep solids—such as wipes—in suspension as sheets instead of clumps and prevents lift station pumps from clogging. Mixing also helps reduce H2S odors and corrosion as well as grease buildup.

These tough little mixers are ideal for almost all types of liquids in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment tanks, basins & ponds, or as a backup mixer.  shallow or deep - wherever mixing is needed. Learn more about GridBee® AP500 Wet Well Mixers!


•GridBee® AP Series Air Powered Mixers

an image drawing of a GridBee® AP Series Air Powered MixerWant an air-powered solution with no moving parts or electricity in the reservoir?  Our GridBee® AP Series air-powered mixing equipment is a powerful, clog-free workhorse ready to mix in even the most confined spaces. Originally developed with Activated Sludge Systems in mind (including aerated and anoxic basins of all types and sizes.), this versatile equipment has no moving parts or electricity in the reservoir and is proving successful in other applications such as Lift Station Wet Wells and small ponds & stormwater.  Learn more about our AP Series Mixing Equipment!



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