Wet Well Mixing For Lift / Pump Stations

Fight Wipes. Stop Clogs.

image before GridBee® AP500 wet well mixing and after

The GridBee® AP500 Wet Well Mixer can help.

Working with lift station wet wells can be a tough, thankless job & some things are just inevitable...

  1. Disposable wipes will clog pumps, pipes, & other equipment.
  2. Fats, oils, & grease (FOG) will forever be an ongoing problem.

These two issues alone can add thousands to millions of dollars to your operating budget; however, there is a cost efficient solution to help you manage.  The GridBee® AP500 wet well mixer keeps it mixed and helps your grinder pumps do a better job passing through wipes & other pump-clogging materials.  Constant circulation also helps minimize the surface grease layer which in turn decreases cleaning intervals or the need altogether!


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Testimonial for wastewater / lift station wet well mixing.  Quote: "Don't let wiptes clog your pumps".