Disinfectant Residual Management

image showing the general system overview of the ResidualHQ Disinfectant Control System for potable water storage tanksThe concept is simple enough but the reality of maintaining proper disinfectant residuals just isn't always that easy.

The water quality in your distribution system is constantly changing and constantly on the move.   The disinfectant residual is up... now it's down... hotspots here... no spots there...  just like a game of disinfectant "whack-a-mole".  

But what if you could turn your tanks into 24-hour monitoring stations with real-time disinfectant action capability?

Now your tanks become much more than just water storage.  They can give you a better, more complete picture of the "right now" water quality throughout your system and the ability to boost disinfectant whenever needed.

Enter in the ResidualHQ©

ResidualHQ© Disinfectant Control Systems from Medora Corporation can give you all the disinfectant monitoring and boosting capability you need...

  • Chlorine or Chloramine.
  • Control Onsite Or Remotely.
  • Fully Manual to Full Automatic (and anywhere inbetween!).
  • Sized to accomodate small tanks to large mega-reservoirs.

To learn more and access educational videos, technical data, and other ResidualHQ© specific information, please go to our ResidualHQ© equipment page.

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DBS-125 Portable Disinfectant Booster

Sometimes an "every once in a while" disinfectant boosting capability is all that is needed to address any residual hiccups.

Medora Corporation offers the DBS-125 Portable Disinfectant Booster, an air-operated disinfectant injection system compatible with all GridBee® / SolarBee® Potable Tank Mixers. This system allows you to effectively dose small amounts of disinfectant to maintain desired residual levels and is far less costly than having a major problem occur in a tank.

The DBS-125 can be easily transported in a small pickup truck box or small trailer!

To learn more and access technical data, and other DBS-125 specific information, please click the button below.

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