AP Series Air-Powered Mixers

Powerful mixing that doesn't break the budget.

gif showing AP Series mixing in an activated sludge basinGridBee® AP Air-Powered Mixers combine patented mixing and focused flow technology with a clog-free, air-powered pump. AP Series Mixers have no moving parts in the water offering years of maintenance-free operation even in high MLSS (mixed liquor suspended solids) applications.

These versatile mixers are compact, lightweight, and easy to install by plant personnel and with a low purchase price. they have a fast payback in energy savings!

Air can be supplied by the customer's existing system or by our optional on-shore air units.Low-cost rentals are also available.

GridBee AP Series Size Comparison


Lift / Pump Station Wet Wells Need Mixing.

Visit the GridBee® AP500 Wet Well Mixer Page!

graphic showing two deployment configurations for the GridBee® AP Series wastewater mixer

Pedestal Models: Designed for use in activated sludge wastewater basins, wet wells, lift stations, and industrial tanks and basins. Can be set on the bottom of basins to 50-plus feet in depth. 

Floating Models: These machines offer an adjustable intake depth and float at that depth to achieve specific water quality objectives; up to 100 feet deep or more for hypolimnetic applications. they are designed for use in lakes, stormwater ponds, and wastewater ponds.



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