SN1 Small Tank Spray Aeration System (THM/VOC Removal)

SN1 Systems Self-Installed
start less than $20,000!


For Small Potable
Storage Tanks & Reservoirs



Now there's an effective & affordable solution for active trihalomethane removal in small tanks!


The SN1 is a natural progression of Medora's industry leading THM & VOC removal spray aeration offering.  Specifically built with small tanks in mind, now even the smallest of drinking water distribution systems can achieve reliable and economical THM removal.

Designed for Customer / Contractor installation!

Floating System- No lift. No friction loss.
Proper Hydraulic Design- No water leaves tank untreated.
Movable- Equipment can be uninstalled, moved, and re-installed as needed.
SN1 submersible motor- 1.5hp / 230v /1ph
Blower motor- 0.5hp / 230v /1ph
Install without taking the tank out of service
Energy-Efficient Spray Aeration Design, 316 SS Construction
Only 18" or larger tank opening required for installation
Only 18 inches of head space required for operation
Long life, maintenance free design
Factory Placement available

*Larger machine sizes available for higher flow rates

image showing a GridBee® SN1 THM Removal System inside an elevated potable water drinking tank.











Take a look at the SN1 Technical Data Sheet!




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