MIEX® Magnetic Ion Exchange Systems

MIEX fluidized magnetic ion exchange system diagram for water pre-treatment in operation.MIEX® advanced ion exchange treatment systems are sustainable solutions to improve disinfection that allow for compliance with Disinfection By-Products Regulation and require little alteration, if any, to existing treatment systems.

MIEX treatment systems can be designed to remove:

► Dissolved Organic Carbon
► Sulfate
► Bromide

MIEX® systems also have a range of treatment configurations to suit almost any water treatment program at any type or size of plant or facility!


MIEX fluidized magnetic ion exchange system graph for dissolved organic carbon (DOC) removal, disinfectant by-product reduction THM HAA








How do I know MIEX is right for my system?

The best first step is to contact us!

MIEX fluidized magnetic ion exchange system for water pre-treatment in operation.IXOM can perform laboratory and pilot evaluations to determine the optimum performance of MIEX® Resin on water and wastewater streams. A design package and budget estimate can be provided based on these feasibility studies. We are also fully equipped to supply equipment and perform system commissioning and optimization upon installation.





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Access MIEX® Resin SDS Information





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