You need to know the A to Z's for every project you work on.

Medora Corporation can help you get from design to implementation to solve a large range of water quality issues.

  • Design Criteria & Recommendations
  • Equipment Pricing & Specifications
  • Deployment services available.

Every solution starts with a problem.  We work with Engineers across the United States and the world to make sure they have the solutions they need. 

To find out if we have a water quality solution that will work for you, please explore the information below or  to discuss further how we can help!


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Solutions For Water Treatment & Distribution Systems
Solutions for Lakes & Source Water Reservoirs
Solutions for Wastewater Collection & Treatment
Solutions for Stormwater Retention Basins
Solutions for Water Reuse Applications
Solutions for Industrial Water Applications


GridBee® SN Series THM & VOC Removal Solutions
GridBee® GS Series Municipal Water Storage Tank Mixers
SolarBee® SB Series Solar-Powered Mixers and Circulators
GF Series Grid-Powered Mixers
AP Series Air-Powered Mixers
Accessory Equipment