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A View From The Road

Saturdays Don’t Slow Down
Tuesday, September 27, 2016

I’d like to talk about how crew guys spend their Saturdays on the road.  On this particular Saturday, we met at the truck at 8AM after an overcrowded continental breakfast.

74 miles to go through the winding hills of Virginia into West Virginia. 

Time to arrival: two hours fourteen minutes.

Our service stop is a West Virginia wastewater treatment pond with three machines and seven test points.  It’s a beautiful fall drive with the changing colors of the leaves on a two-lane highway that winds through the Appalachian Mountains.

We arrive around 10:20AM with an outside temperature of only 45 degrees.  The good thing is we can see all three machines are running great so this should go smooth.  

We get the boat and motor ready.  I’m armed with a scrub brush, scraper, and caffeine fueled coffee buzz.  I hop in the boat with a “lets get this done” attitude.

After getting our readings, we scrub the machines so clean you could eat off the dish.  I wouldn’t recommend that though.  I know what wastewater tastes like after splashing it on my face only three or four times on this stop.  After a few years of this work though, our immune systems are that of superhuman strength.

While performing our water quality testing, I found myself lost and daydreaming… looking at the beautiful colors of the changing leaves that surround us in all directions… I realized how truly lucky I am.   I have a job allowing me to travel to all 50 states and get lost in nature’s beauty along the way.

Tonight we stay in Morgantown, West Virginia. It’s a college town so we should be able to find some live music to enjoy a couple cold ones.  Sunday is football day, recharge our batteries, and get ready for the next week.

Submitted By: M.A. - Service Crew
Medora Transport, GridBee® SolarBee®


*Note: Medora Transport Service Crews work 6 days a week and can be on the road up to 30 days on a single run.  They are true road warriors for water quality and provide solid service our Customers rely on & trust.