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Evaluating A Potable Tank Mixer- 5 Important Considerations

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

image showing a GridBee GS Series Submersible Tank Mixer being lowered through a tank hatch

You’ve decided mixing is the next best strategy to easily improve the water quality in your system. Now it’s evaluation time. Here are a few simple considerations when sifting through your tank mixing options.

#1 Initial Mixer Cost.

Many of us make a purchasing decision based on initial cost alone. Cheaper often times means exactly that… cheap; however, more expensive doesn’t always equate to a better product either. There can be hidden costs like poor component life cycles and required maintenance that can actually turn a low initial cost into a higher overall life-cycle cost.

GS Series Tank Mixers balance cost, quality, and reliability to maximize the most mixing per dollars spent.

#2 Strength of Warranty.

A strong equipment warranty not only protects your investment, it can be thought of as another way to gauge manufacturer confidence in their equipment. A skimpy or weak equipment warranty should be a red flag as to its possible performance.

GS Series Tank Mixers come with one of the strongest (if not THE strongest) warranties in the industry.

#3 Positive Motor Cooling.

Submersible motors generate a lot of heat and require ample amounts of water flow over them for cooling. Proper cooling is needed for maximum motor life especially in tank applications.

Be sure to verify the tank mixer has positive motor cooling. Some mixers with an open impeller design do not have the means to do this and can in turn experience significant motor life issues.

GS Series Tank Mixers have a flow sleeve that forces 100% of the impeller flow past the motor for maximum positive motor cooling . This results in superior motor life.

#4 Safety.

More specifically, safety as it relates to impeller designs. Mixers with an “open impeller” style can cause unforeseen hazards such as winding (i.e. cathodic protection, internal wires or cables getting caught in the impeller) or direct tank damage (i.e. an event causing direct impeller to tank contact while in operation damaging tank coatings and internal surfaces).

GS Series Tank Mixers have an enclosed impeller design which is very safe and is not susceptible to winding or direct impeller / tank contact.

#5 Ease of Deployment.

This is another area that can inflate the actual cost of mixing equipment. Does the tank need to be drained?  Does the tank need to be taken offline? Does the equipment need to be fixed in place or hard-mounted inside the tank? Is retrieval going to be a major project too? All these factors can dramatically increase the actual cost of a tank mixer.

GS Series Tank Mixers were specifically designed for ease of deployment in as little as a few hours and without draining or taking the tank offline. Retrieval and re-deployment are easy too!

GS Series Tank Mixers manufactured by Medora Corporation are an industry-leading solution to improve water quality in your clearwells and distribution tanks. Please contact us for a no-obligation evaluation and quote.

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