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Lake Learning- Two Helpful Guides

Friday, August 23, 2019

image showing a beautiful clear lake with a SolarBee® Lake Circulator in the distance.

Medora Corporation has compiled two new reference guides to help you better understand lake vocabulary, processes and treatment options in laymen's terms. From alum applications to cyanobacteria blooms to hypolimnetic oxygenation to zooplankton to anything and everything inbetween, the "Lakes A to Z Help Guide" has it covered.

As an added benefit, learn more about how lakes change with the seasons!

Medora's lake knowledge is not only based on study, but also on real-world, on-the-water field work. We think these guides are a useful resource for lake & pond stakeholders as they work to maintain and improve their water quality. Please feel free to contact us any time to discuss water quality improvement for your lake, reservoir, or pond.

button image to download the Lakes A To Z Help Guideimage button to download the Seasonal Changes In Lakes Primer