We are happy with the SolarBee performance.
As local residents we would like to comment on the good water quality.
It does not go unnoticed.
Your crews have been nothing but professional, prompt and courteous throughout this whole process.
The golf course is also rid of the nasty smell that had plagued them after irrigation. It is a huge relief for them.
We noticed a reduction in odor while the crew was still on site and a huge difference within 24 hours.

Solutions for Water Reuse Applications

Reuse It Or Lose It... Water Reuse Is On The Rise

reuse water coverMuch like stormwater, reuse water is fast becoming a commodity of sorts as Communities and Companies search for more cost-effective approaches to meet their water needs.  As demand for this resource increases, so does the need to maintain a higher standard of water quality whether in open reservoirs or enclosed storage tanks.  

GridBee® / SolarBee® has vast experience making water better across nearly all applications and we can help you meet your needs for reuse water too. 

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