Odor Mitigation (Epilimnetic)

Stop The Stink In Your Water Reuse Reservoris: Solve The Problem Before It's A Problem

water surfaceAny open reservoir can emit a variety of noxious odors.  These odors can be associated with cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) blooms generated within the pond and/or in cases like water reuse, incoming water contains high organic matter. 

When blue-green algae die they either remain on the surface, along shores, and/or sink to the bottom. Those remaining on the surface create a foamy scum that produces truly eye-watering noxious odors. This surface scum should not be confused with filamentous algae that can form thick mats, particularly in small ponds, but do not create extraordinary odors.

Since reuse open reservoirs consistently receive higher than normal inflow of nutrients, having good circulation in place helps process the incoming nutrients and avoids possible other odor causing issues such as H2S production in anoxic conditions.

SolarBee® & GridBee® circulators & mixers move water both horizontally and vertically.  Setting the intake above the thermocline for blue-green algae control more evenly distributes dissolved oxygen throughout the epilimnion within the depth of of the intake setting (i.e. if the intake is set at 6 feet, mixing and circulation will occur in the top 6 feet). The return flow of oxygen-rich water back to the equipment intake slowly oxidizes sediments providing consolidation and muck reduction.  Using SolarBee® / GridBee® circulation reduces blue-green algae bloom potential which in turn reduces associated odors.

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