Energy Reduction & Mixing for Wastewater Treatment

Huge Energy Cost Savings, 1 - 3 Year Payback Potential!

floating wastewater mixer from Medora corporation in an aerated wastewater pond

• Aerated Lagoons, Partial-Mix Ponds & Basins

There are two basic considerations when sizing aeration needs for a given pond.

  • Dissolved oxygen production (aeration) and
  • Dissolved oxygen distribution (mixing)

The horsepower requirement for mixing tends to significantly larger than the horsepower needed for aeration.  Floating wastewater mixers can provide all the needed mixing which can result in substantial energy savings (upwards of 30 to 50 horsepower of aeration run-time depending on the project).  This can result in an exceptionally fast project payback of 1 -3 years!


Check out our video white board below to learn more how your partial-mix system can benefit from floating wastewater mixers.



Other Energy Savings Opportunities

• Facultative Lagoons are not ordinarily designed to require mechanical aeration or mixing; however, over time these ponds can have water quality issues. Floating wastewater mixers can be used to eliminate the need to install high-horsepower equipment to maintain compliance.

• For Complete Mix or Total Mix Lagoons, mixers can re-suspend solids much better than aeration alone leading to much better BOD and ammonia reduction.

• Industrial Wastewater Ponds & Lagoons can benefit from mixing for a variety of purposes ranging from energy reduction to improved treatment & odor control.

• Sludge Storage Ponds are mostly designed to require some mechanical aeration and mixing to provide odor control.  Wastewater mixers from Medora Corporation can establish a 2.0' - 2.5' odor cap while displacing inefficient mixing run-time with more efficient & productive mixing.


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saving big money on energy cost with floating wastewater mixing equipment

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