Taste & Odor Control (MIB, Geosmin) In Raw Water Reservoirs

image showing two SolarBee® Lake Circulators in a raw water reservoir.

Make your water taste and smell better with active circulation.

Most taste & odor problems in drinking water reservoirs can be narrowed down to two primary chemicals, MIB and geosmin.

  • MIB (2-methylisoborneol) creates a “musty” odor.
  • Geosmin creates an “earthy” taste and odor.

The prime culprit was originally thought to be actinomycetes (a gram-positive filamentous bacteria common in soils) associated with suspended sediments in water; however, in the 1970's, cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) were identified as the major source of MIB and geosmin in lakes and reservoirs.

Control cyanobacteria.

Control MIB & geosmin.

Controling cyanobacteria blooms through active epilimnetic circulation has shown to be very effective at resolving associated taste and odor problems in municipal raw water supply reservoirs even in very large waterbodies of 10,000 acres or more!


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