Odor Mitigation (Epilimnetic)

Family walking on dock.Don't Be Turned Away By Odors

Many times an intake to a water plant is located above the thermocline which in turn can cause a host of processing problems including odors.  

Unlike clear and unproductive lakes, eutrophic lakes can emit a variety of noxious odors. Except when source water is high in organic matter (e.g., wastewater effluents and/or stormwater drainage), most odors are associated with blue-green algae blooms generated within the lake.  When blue-green algae die they either remain on the lake’s surface and along shores, or sink to the lake bottom. Those remaining on the surface create a foamy scum that produces truly eye-watering noxious odors. This surface scum should not be confused with filamentous algae that can form thick mats, particularly in small ponds, but do not create extraordinary odors.

SolarBee® & GridBee® long-distance circulation moves water both horizontally and vertically. When the intake hose is set above the thermocline for blue-green algae control, DO gets more evenly distributed throughout the epilimnion within the depth of SolarBee® circulation. The return flow of oxygen-rich water back to the SolarBee® intake slowly oxidizes lake sediments from the shoreline down to the depth of the intake hose, providing sediment consolidation and muck reduction.  Using SolarBee® / GridBee® circulation can keep blue-green algae from reaching bloom potential which in turn reduces associated odors.

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