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Smart Water Management for Water Treatment and Distribution Networks

IXOM Watercare offers a suite of tools & strategies that can help you attain your water quality goals in the water treatment plant and throughout your distribution network including:

MIEX Magnetic Ion Exchange Pre-Treatment

ResidualHQ Automated Disinfectant Control 

GridBee and SolarBee Storage Tank Mixers and

GridBee SN Series THM Removal Systems


Beyond the benefits of water quality improvement, there are potential for significant cost savings especially around disinfectant chemical use. The money saving strategy is fairly simple...

• Create less disinfectant demand.
• Use disinfectant more efficiently.
• Use disinfectant more effectively.

If you can optimize disinfectant use to specifically when and where it is needed, you can save on disinfectant costs with significant potential to lessen DBP formation in distribution while improving your overall water quality.

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At the water treatment plant...


• MIEX® Treatment Process

MIEX magnetic ion exchange pre-treatmentThe MIEX® Treatment Process is an advanced magnetic ion exchange process to remove target contaminants from water such as nitrate, arsenic or dissolved organic carbon (DOC), or in combination with other treatment processes to meet more than one treatment objective. The MIEX® Process is not affected by suspended solids in the source water and can be placed in a number of locations throughout the treatment train.

Most often, MIEX® is used as a pretreatment step ahead of current processes and requires little alteration, if any, to existing treatment systems. When used this way, the efficiency of downstream treatment processes can be greatly improved, resulting in:

• less chemical demand
• less sludge production
• better membrane operability
• improved solids separation through DAF and conventional sedimentation/ filtration.


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In the distribution network...


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• ResidualHQ Automated Disinfectant Control

ResidualHQ Automated Disinfectant Control Systems diagramThe ResidualHQ© is a total disinfectant residual management solution incorporating powerful mixing, residual monitoring, and disinfectant delivery into a convenient & user-friendly work station with tiered access security. This gives the User the ability to set the response how they want, when they want, from wherever they want.

The ResidualHQ© can be configured for use anywhere in your distribution system including in the tank or along the pipe. This allows you to manage and optimize disinfectant use which can lead to cost savings downstream and at the plant!

 Building and trailer options are available.


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• GridBee® and SolarBee® Potable Tank Mixers

Industry-leading GridBee® and SolarBee® mixing technologies are a “best on the market” mixing solution for potable water storage tanks of all shapes,sizes (including mega reservoirs 100 MG+) and flow characteristics. All IXOM Watercare tank mixers are certified to NSF/ANSI 61 and NSF/ANSI 372 standards.

• GridBee® GS Series Submersible Electric Potable Storage Tank Mixers

GridBee GS Series submersible electric potable tank mixerGridbee® GS Series Tank Mixers are the leading mixing solution for potable water storage tanks and towers across the United States. Easy to install and easy on the budget, these veratile mixers provide a complete, floor to surface mix which can eliminate stratification while achieving consistent disinfectant contact and residuals throughout the water column. They can be deployed in any tank build (underground, ground storage, or elevated), any tank size, and can be deployed without draining or taking the tank out of service.


• SolarBee® SB Series Floating Solar-Powered Potable Storage Tank Mixers

SolarBee SB Series potable floating tank mixerSolarBee® SB Series Tank Mixers utilizes near laminar, high volume flow to provide complete bottom to top, side to side mixing. SolarBees require very little power due to its minimal lift (head), up-flow pump design. The low-power consumption, high-flow output allows the SolarBee to be powered completely by solar energy with a deep-cycle battery backup to allow 24/7 operation (ideal for tank locations with no power available).


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• GridBee® SN Series THM Removal Systems

GridBee SN Series THM Removal spray aerationGridBeeGridBee® SN Series Spray Aeration Systems are an industry-leading solution with proven results and guaranteed performance. The SN Series can be designed to meet the needs of any size reservoir or water system and at any desired THM removal rate.


The 1-2-3s of Active THM Removal

1. Active Mixing featuring GS Series and SB Series Tank Mixers
2. Active Ventilation featuring F Series Blowers
3. Active Spray Aeration featuring SN Series Spray Aerators


Both in-tank and in-line skid systems are available.


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