PAMS Water Quality Profile Analysis & Monitoring System

image showing the PAMS Water Quality Profile Analysis & Monitoring SystemPAMS (Profile Analysis & Monitoring System) is a comprehensive, whole profile, real time and predictive water quality data monitoring platform for your lake or reservoir.

Constant water quality testing and monitoring can serve as an early warning indicator for harmful cyanoabacteria (blue-green algae) blooms as well as characterize seasonal limnological variations.

For drinking water source (raw water) reservoirs, real-time data and monitoring can help support intelligent withdrawal from the area of the water column with the best available water.                              

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Extensive real time analysis is powered by the OTT HydroMet HACH HL7 multiparameter sonde which offers a large sensor suite providing continuous whole profile monitoring of up to nine (9) water quality parameters including:

  • Dissolved oxygen (DO)
  • pH
  • Turbidity
  • Chlorophyll a
  • Phycocyanin (cyanobacteria, blue-green algae)
  • Temperature
  • Oxidation reduction potential (ORP)
  • Conductivity
  • Depth

This system allows for easy access calibration & maintenance. Better yet, the sample flow cell allows for automated continuous profile monitoring without subjecting the HL7 to the elements!

PAMS also features exclusive All-Level Grab Sampling for on-demand sampling for laboratory or field analysis of additional raw water quality parameters (i.e. iron, manganese, alkalinity, TOC, hydrogen sulfide, nutrients, etc).

There are two options for deployment:

  • On land, grid-powered
  • On water, floating, solar-powered

And there are two options for sample point configuration:

  • Electric hose reel for variable depth collection or
  • Multi-point fixed depth method.

image showing data display for PAMS Water Quality Profile Analysis and Monitoring SystemBoth designs provide real time continuous multi-parameter analysis covering the entire depth profile. Operators can also manually select a specific depth to obtain water quality information or grab sample.




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