STH-8400 Submersible Tank Heater

Sometimes you have to add a little heat to your mix.

The STH-8400 submersible tank heater is an excellent way to fight off damaging ice formation in low use, low turnover water storage tanks.

Mixing relies on the BTUs (heat) of new, incoming water to help combat excessive ice formation.  Low use, low turnover tanks do not receive these critical BTUs and are much more susceptible to extreme ice.  


It's precisely for cases like this the STH-8400 was developed.


Extreme ice problems can be difficult to solve.  There are many, many variables to consider and while an exact outcome cannot be predicted, doing nothing will always have a predictable outcome.


Keep these variables in mind (including but not limited to):

  • tank turnover per day
  • incoming water temperatures
  • outside air temperatures: how cold and for how long
  • wind speed & direction
  • sun & shading
  • ground heat


The STH-8400 does produce some convective flow; however, additional active mixing (like a GS Series Mixer for instance) may be required to maximize effectiveness.

Taking all this and more into consideration, we suggest a conservative approach to start.  Deploy one, evaluate, and add more later if needed.


"The tank heater we installed is running good and keeping the tank temperature above freezing."

Neil, PA


Button link- NSF ANSI certifying information for drinking potable water tank reservoir THM TTHM (TRS) trihalomethane removal equipment


For detailed, product specific information relating to this equipment model, please reference the Supporting Documents listed on this page.

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diagram detailing the components of the GridBee® STH-8400 Tank Heater