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AMS THM-100 Predictive THM Analyzer

image showing the Aqua Metrology Systems (AMS) THM-100FP THM Analyzer with formation potential measurement capabilityTrihalomethane (THM) levels in a water treatment system can change rapidly and are highly influenced by changes in raw quality and water age.

With real-time and accurate THM and THM Formation Potential data, you can now achieve rapid assessment of the ever-changing THM levels in your distribution system. Armed with this data, you can now make informed decisions on when and how much to operate THM removal systems as well as validate the results of your THM removal strategy.


Now you have Total THM Management.


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The method used by the AMS THM-100 Predictive THM Analyzer is based on a purge-and-trap technique for extraction of the volatile THMs from a water sample, followed by their thermal desorption into a chemical mixture which, when heated, produces a coloured solution whose intensity is spectrophotometrically measured, before calculating the concentrations of the THMs.


THM-100 Analyzer Key Metrics

• Accurate and reliable (+/-5%)
• Uptime >99%
• Self calibrates and validates
• 5 Year Warranty
• Real-time measurement of TTHM (< 120 mins) and THM-FP (~ 180 mins); sum of 6 samples daily
• Automated process


The only online THM analyzer that provides:

• Real-time THM data +
• Real-time THM Formation Potential data +
• Real-time THM Formation Prediction in Treated Water + 
• Real-time THM Formation Potential of Raw Water 


The operation of every online THM-100 monitor is supported with remote, 24/7 factory monitoring to ensure the quick identification and remediation of operational issues. This unique approach minimizes downtime and optimizes performance. Every system is offered with an annual service contract inclusive of a 5-year warranty.


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